I’m a 4th generation Oregonian running for the Republican nomination in Oregon’s Fifth Congressional District. I was born and raised here and help run my family’s 37-year-old small business right here in the District. Being involved in a small business requires hard work, dedication, leadership, and the willingness to stay at work long after everyone else has gone home. People depend on me and my family every day to make the decisions that will allow our company and its employees to succeed. I’m proud that despite our nation’s economic struggles and government’s always unpredictable regulatory and tax environment, we’ve continued to grow and provide good jobs to members of the community.

Despite being 29 years old, I am fortunate to have spent time in Washington, earning a master’s degree in public policy while simultaneously working at the Capitol. This experience allowed me to see firsthand the dysfunction of Congress and the games professional politicians play with our lives in order to score political points. I went on to manage several high profile Republican races in the State of Texas and serve as a Legislative Director in the Texas Capitol, working on several Second and Tenth Amendment issues. This success led to me being tapped to serve Governor Rick Perry’s presidential campaign and eventually the digital strategy team for Senator Ted Cruz.

I’m running because I’m a member of the generation that’s facing the brunt of Congress’ inability to tackle our massive debt, tens of trillions of dollars in unfunded liabilities, the negative effects of Obamacare, and this administration’s economically destructive policies. I help run my family business, but I’m not sure I could start a small business today from scratch, with Washington’s economic policies that are holding back our economy. We must have members of Congress who will fight to turn this country around.

We can all agree that both parties in Washington could use a dose of reality, and it’s not going to come from these professional politicians and lobbyists with self-serving agendas. Washington will only change if we elect citizen legislators; people who go to Congress, serve their constituents, then come back when they’re done, get a job, and live under the laws they’ve passed. I have pledged to do exactly that. Instead of worrying about raising money, cozying up to interest groups, and endlessly running for reelection, I’ll be listening to you and working with my colleagues in Congress to restore your faith in our institutions and our nation to prosperity.

Our country and our state are special places and they deserve representation that takes seriously the issues we face. I intend to have a real conversation with the people of Oregon about what’s going on, what’s at stake, and what we can do to get our country back on track. This isn’t achieved through 5-second sound bites, grandstanding, or cliché party talking points. I will treat you, the voters, like adults and I won’t pretend that the issues facing us can be easily solved in a 140-character post on Twitter.

As I crisscross the district, I’ll want to hear from you, about what issues matter and what you want out of a government, and how we can restore this nation to greatness. I look forward to meeting as many of you as I can and I hope to earn your support.